How to play slots: best strategy and tips

Online slot machines have only been around for a few years but its popularity has spread like wildfire among slot machine players. There are actually two factors that made online slot machines more attractive to gamblers – accessibility and higher jackpot prizes. It is very enticing and highly entertaining, a factor that can be attributed to the video graphics. Some slot machines even have 3D graphics. This very addictive game of chance is very popular around the world.

There are different types of online slot machine games. Every gaming establishment will have a different set of slot machine games. But apart from the entertainment factor, most people try their luck on these machines because of the high jackpot prizes that they can possibly win. Unlike other casino games such as card games that require skills, online slot machines are purely a game of chance and sheer luck. That is why it is important to remember that in slot machines, the odds of winning and losing are just about the same. The important thing when playing online slot machines is to learn the rules of the game in order to increase the chances of winning and to truly enjoy the game.

How to play slots

There are two convenient places where one can play online slots - gaming establishments and at the comfort of one’s home.
When playing at home, all that is needed is a fast internet connection. Linking to an online gaming server is easy. There are two types of online slots - one that is downloadable and one that is web-based. When playing web-based online casino, one goes to the gaming website and registers as a new player to create an account. Some sites may require basic information such as name and contact information. Credit card information is usually needed to purchase game credits before playing for real money. It is also possible to play the slot games just for fun or without wagering real money. The other type is the downloadable slot games. Before playing, the program is initially downloaded and installed in the computer before it connects to the gaming server. Registration and logging in to an account is also required.

When playing in gaming establishments, credit cards and other information are not necessary. Players only need to purchase load credits on the slot machine before they can start playing.

In order to win in slot machines, one has to invest or wager a certain amount of money. Every bet is equivalent to one spin. The goal of each spin is to get a winning combination in one payline. There are different kinds of combinations with a corresponding amount of winnings. The higher the bet, the bigger the chances of winning big money when a combination hits a payline. Every time a machine wins through a feature or a combination in a payline, the winnings are added to the player’s credit balance.
Once a player decides he is done playing, the remaining credits or total winnings can be claimed through the establishment’s cashier. When playing online casino at home, the winnings can be collected via an online payment system such as PayPal or bank to bank.

Common rules when playing online slot machines

Online slot machines are very popular because they are easy to play and are quite entertaining. What’s more, the payouts are usually higher than other casino games. It is almost similar to playing video games except that there is real money involved, which makes things more exciting. But just like any other game, there are common rules and etiquettes to follow when playing online slot games.
When playing online slot machines at home, there are fewer rules to follow because there is no one else around to bother. However, there are certain rules to apply within the game. For instance, one should not hack into the gaming system in order to manipulate the results of the game to their favor.

When playing online slot machines in gaming establishments, there are more rules or etiquette to observe. Gaming establishments will house people of various ages, economic background, and character. Thus, it is very common to have conflicts in such places. One should remember to maintain proper decorum and respect other people’s privacy.

One of the rules of playing slot machines is to never take a machine that still has credit balance. Sometimes people leave their machines because they need to go to the bathroom or buy something to drink. It is a highly observed unwritten rule that any slot machine that still has credits should be avoided even if there is no one presently playing in the machine.

Another rule is to never play one too many slot machines at the same time. During high progressive jackpots, some greedy players tend to put credits on multiple machines and set them on auto play in order to increase their chances of winning the progressive jackpot prize. This is not encouraged by most gaming management because it is unfair to the other players waiting in line.

Another rule is to respect other people’s privacy. Some players don’t like having other people watch their machine while they play because it ruins their lucky vibes.

One other etiquette to observe in gaming establishments is to not make a lot of loud noises while playing. Consider the fact that other players may be concentrating or want some quiet time while playing.

Odds of winning in slot machines

Any online slot machine gaming establishment owner would say that there is no formula, technique or special skill to win in slot machines. Among all other casino games, slots are considered a game of chance. It requires no skill, just pure luck. Some players wrongly speculate that progressive jackpot prizes will be won or machine features will appear after a certain amount is generated or after a certain number of wagers. This is all untrue. Online slot machines are programmed for random winnings and there’s no way to predict when the major prizes will drop and to which machine it will be awarded. Some players get the random progressive jackpot after just two wagers in a certain machine. Some people win after spending only 10 dollars. Some people do not win at all even after thousands of dollars spent. The odds are unpredictable and anyone who plays the slots should keep their head straight and their money properly managed in order not to lose all their money.
But while there’s no formula to win in slot machines, there is a way to slightly increase the chances of winning by playing wisely. One advice is not to bet all your money in one slot machine. If one machine does not seem to give any luck, it is wise to spend only a certain amount in that machine and move on to another.

One does not always have to play maximum credits in order to win a high prize. Remember that progressive jackpots are very random and the chances of a player betting only in minimum are just as high as the player betting on maximum.

Types of slot machine games

There are generally two types of slot machines – reel slots and video slots. The reel slots are considered classic and standard. This is the traditional mechanical slot wherein coins are inserted in the machine and a sort of lever or handle is pulled to spin the reels. This has three reels and only has one payline. The goal is to have the same symbols appear on the three reals to win a corresponding prize. The prize amount will vary depending on the symbol. Video slots on the other hand have five reels. Some video slot games can have as much as 100 paylines but the most common are only around 20 paylines.

There’s actually another type of slot but it is not very common. This is the Amusement With Prize (AWP) slots which is much like the UK-type fruit machines. It can have a feature game that can be based on a person’s skill such as the darts feature.

When it comes to online slot machines, there are a lot more types and variety of games.

  1. The Bonus slot machines give bonus rounds that allow a player to win instant credits. There are different types of bonus features including free spins, gamble feature and pick a bonus prize.
  2. Fruit machines are not commonly found in most parts of the world but they are very common in the UK. It is a traditional style British slot game that is mostly found in arcades and pubs in the UK. The fruit machine is a skill game because the machine awards a “nudge” or a hold that allows the player to keep a particular symbol on the reel in order to increase the chances of getting a winning symbol.
  3. The Loyalty slot machine has a feature that allows a player to collect star symbols every time it shows up in one of the reels. When they have collected 6 stars, the bonus feature will be triggered. The loyalty slot machines encourage players to play longer in order to collect all the star symbols.
  4. The Multipayline slot machines increase the chances of players to win credits and bonuses because it has multiple paylines. A player can win in more than one payline for each spin.

Types of jackpots in slot machines

No gaming establishment will allow itself to lose their money. It is true that the house always win. However, they always give a certain percentage that allows players to win big. That is why jackpots and features in online slot machines are very important.

In online slot machines, the house or the gaming establishment will often have a 3-6% edge for every wager placed by their players. Thus, for every bet, the house will always win a higher percentage. This is always the case up until the player wins the bonus feature or the jackpot prize.

Several types of bonuses can be encountered throughout a game. These bonuses include instant credit bonus, free spins, or double up. These bonuses are the only chance for the players to increase their credits. However, not all bonuses will promise a big win. Some will give low payouts that are even lower than the amount wagered, while some machines will give a generous bonus on credit. The payout may depend on whether the player has wagered a minimum or maximum bet. Still, a maximum bet does not always mean a high payout.
One of the advantages of playing online slot machine as compared to the standard manual slots is that there is a higher payback for the money being wagered by the player. This is because of bonuses such as progressive jackpots and bonus rounds whenever the player gets lucky.

What is a progressive jackpot? A progressive jackpot is collective prize money taken from every player that places a wager on a slot machine. Every time a player wagers on a slot, a small percentage of it goes to the progressive jackpot. The more players using the slots and the higher the bets, the bigger the prize money becomes. The prize money can range from thousands to a million. After a time, the progressive jackpot randomly drops to one lucky player and the progressive jackpot prize restarts to a set standard prize.
Another advantage of online slots is that it is able to connect from one gaming establishment to another even if they are miles away. Some progressive jackpots are linked to the players of different gaming establishments. This results to much higher prize money because there are more players contributing to the collective jackpot prize.

Aside from progressive jackpots, every online slot machine has a bonus feature. Bonus features may vary from scatter win, multipliers and wild symbols. This random feature either gives free spins or bonus credits. The amount of money won during these small bonus features can vary. Some winnings can be significant while some are even smaller than the actual amount wagered. Other types of slot bonuses include cashable bonuses, sticky bonuses, free play bonuses and cashback bonuses.